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AEP or Annual Enrollment Period. This is the time of the year the Federal Government allows a person to change their health insurance policy. There is one for the Individual Major Medical and slightly different for the Drug Plans or Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans. Currently for 2016 they are: ACA Major Medical it is November 1st through January 31st (please note this date can change as it has the last two years) and for Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans it is October 15th thru December 7th. SEP or Special Enrollment Period. Just as its name implies you have something that allows you to enroll outside of the AEP or Annual Enrollment Period. QE or Qualified Event. What gives you the SEP. A qualified event is not always the same between the ACA and MAPD plans even though both are Federal Government Rules. The most common ones for both require you to make your change to your coverage within 60 days of: lost of other coverage such as company drops their coverage on employees, you move from their service area into South Carolina, your age made you eligible. Best recommendation here is to ask.

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