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Also called Health Insurance or Hospital Insurance, Thompson Insurance Agency of Conway has the personalized health insurance coverage options you need.  It can be purchased by an individual,  families, or companies (group health insurance).

There are a few things to consider.   What benefits does the plan cover?  For example, does it include an office visit copay, or prescription drug coverage?   What is the deductible, coinsurance ratio and out of pocket expenses that you will have to pay?  You should compare the cost of these options to determine what is the best package for you.    Kenneth Thompson can help you find the right insurance package for your needs

Federal Law Changes of March 2010:

There are many aspects of this law that are changing and will continue to impact both individual and group plans. This can happen with short notice, so realize this is a changing product.

Thompson Insurance Agency of Conway can help you find the best coverage! 

Dental Insurance of Conway

This is for dental care only. There are coverage options for Individuals and Groups. Group plans offer more options.  These plans can be volunteer plans where the employee pays the full premium, or plans in which the employer contributes or pays at least part of the premium.

Thompson Insurance Agency of Conway can help you find the best coverage!


Thompson Insurance Agency can get you the vision coverage you need.   There are coverage options for Individuals or Groups. One of the most important aspects of this type of coverage  is the Network of Providers. This coverage provides very little benefit normally outside of their network.


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